Ginga T-shirts

Ginga T-Shirts

From top left to bottom:

Dohatsuten band T-shirt : This T-shirt was made as a special collaboration with the band and Yoshihiro Takahashi.

Finnish Hopeanuoli T-shirt : This T-shirt has the picture from Finnish DVD “Tin Box” edition. This T-shirt was a give away when you bought the DVD box. And If I remember right this T-shirt could also be bought for a limited time.

Run Gin T-shirt : This T-shirt was made by Creation Advance and could be bought through their site.

Akakabuto T-shirt : This T-shirt was made as a collaboration with Yoshihiro Takahashi and Akita Northern Happinets basketball team. This T-shirt was a limited edition and only sold at the Northern Happinets’ basketball game during one weekend.

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